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Introduction of The Firm

Unicon is a Pakistani based architectural and engineering (A&E) consulting company registered in Lahore. The firm has been active since 1975 in planning, design and implementation of architecture, engineering and infrastructure projects. The organisation employs extensive professional and sub-professional staff throughout the country. Professional staff are qualified and experienced in architecture, urban planning, civil, structural, water supply, sewage and related specialists disciplines including contract administration, construction management and computer applications. In addition to our regular personnel, Unicon has a number of Associates, both local and foreign, who are available for services in specific fields of expertise, as and when required.

Unicon provides Consultancy services for a number of government and semi-government departments, corporations, public and private organisations, including Pakistan Television Corporation (PTV), Pakistan Telecommunication Corporation, Pakistan Tourist Development Corporation (PTDC) Sui-Northern Gas Pipe Line Ltd., Sui-Southern Gas Corporation, Mobil link and Development Authorities of Lahore, Multan, Kohat Northern Areas and Baluchistan.

The firm has extensive experience of working with international agencies like UNICEF, UNDP, UNESCO, USAID, UNCHS, CIDA, Asian Development Bank, and the World Bank directly as well as on projects sponsored by these agencies.

Unicon has particular expertise and experience in identifying, preparing, planning, and implementing major architectural projects on behalf of their clients. In many instances it has been usual for the firm to be engaged throughout all the stages of a major project maintaining close liaison and co-operation with the client.

The Firm has an extensive in-house network of computers. These computers are used for a wide range of applications including financial accounting, personnel management, information storage and retrieval, word processing, project management, computer aided design and drafting, engineering design and structural modeling. Peripheral equipment in form of plotters, laser and other printers are also available. An extensive range of in-house and specific industry standard software is maintained by the organisation.

Unicon is registered with Pakistan Council of Architects and Town Planners (PCATP) and Planning & Development Department (P&D). It is also registered with most of the Governments and Non-Government organisations on their approved lists of consultants.